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Accelerating Clinical Trials’ reporting of CIPN Data (ACT-CIPN)

Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy is a potentially debilitating form of nerve damage caused by cancer treatment. Clinical trials are required to report the most serious CIPN, but data on less severe symptoms is not publically available.

What is the research problem

Despite decades of research, the full incidence of CIPN is poorly defined. New research suggests that even less severe CIPN can impact quality of life and daily function, but open-access to this data is a problem.

How will your solution make a difference

An open-platform dataset would shed light on the true incidence of CIPN. More complete data would help us understand the impact of mild to moderate CIPN on areas such as survivors' occupational funcitonal and quality of life.

What is your proposed solution

Create an open-platform hub for the sharing clinical trial data on CIPN that includes all levels (grades I-IV) of neuropathy. Where possible, this dataset should include relevant quality of life, occupational, and functional characteristics about patients.


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