Cancer Immunology & Prevention

Adaptive memory NK cells targeted though CD16

We believe that NK cells, like T cells, have the capacity, to be antigen specific specific through the low affinity binding of CD16 to natural antibody or high affinity binding of tri-specific killer engagers (TriKEs) that also proliferate NK cells.

How will your solution make a difference

We hypothesis that adaptive NK cells, that have all the machinery of T cells, will offer non-cross resistant therapy to advanced cancer, will be safer than T-CAR and can be made antigen specific, antigen proliferative and be long lived.

What is your proposed solution

We have discover a novel population of CMV-induced adaptive NK cells that have a hypomethylation signature that resembles CD8+ T cells more so than conventional NK cells that are long-lived and have enhanced signaling through CD16. Novel immune engagers that bind CD16 at high affinity with a single chain Fv can be combined with a modified IL-15 linker to impart proliferation and a single chain Fv to make adaptive memory NK cells antigen specific.


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