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Addition of two data sets, 1. Zebrafish based PDX. 2. QOL data with FACT-G or EQ-5D-Y.

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I would like to write a new plan for two date sets for cancer therapy of youth.

One set of data is based on the pharmacological data set coming from the patient's cells embedded embryo of Zebrafish. Such PDX (Patient-Derived Xenograft Model; PDX) is now getting realistic and offer more precise medicine of cancer therapy.

Because of the mechanism of Zebrafish based PDX, each embryo of Zebrafish needs just 100 patient's cells. It means 100 or more cancer cells embedded zebrafish come from the just small biopsied specimen.

Another set is a date of the patient-reported outcomes as certain IoT based data collection of FACT-G or EQ-5D-Y with fish therapy.

Fish therapy is a new concept as supplying the zebrafish which is used the pharmacological assay to the patient. Patients can realize that such small fishes in the aquarium carry their cancerous cells and try to fight the cancer in the small aquarium. Of course, These zebrafish may encourage and heal patients with its fancy body. Patients may acknowledge the therapy and might increase the score of their QOL.

Zebrafish based pharmacological test just needs 100 patient's cells for each fish, it is easy to compare two or more patients at once. So, the data comparison of patients will be easy and offer more precise patient-oriented data.

Combining these two date sets will offer more promising data with imaging, pathology, and omics data.


reference web site:



J. Pharmacol Tox Met. 96:34, 2019, IJMS in press,

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How will your idea make a difference
  1. Adding quick and precise therapeutic data set according novel PDX assay with Zebrafish.
  2. Adding better QOL data set from patient oriented data.
  3. Comparison between patients are more efficient and issue precise personal medical data set.
  4. Overall, 1-3 will present additional data sets and offer medical benefit to the physician and patients.
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