Data Infrastructure

Avoid redundancy of effort, look to CBBTC as a proven structure to build upon

Swifty Foundation encourages CCDI to build on the successes of CBTTC rather than beginning at ground zero.

In 2014, just three years after its launch, CBTTC became the first and largest clinically annotated biospecimens repository with real time querablilty. With the launch of CAVATICA, its genomics analytic platform, it became the first brain tumor consortia to solve cloud-based, global WGS analysis, and was recognized by the White House Cancer Moonshot for these efforts.

Its Pediatric Brain Tumor Atlas is a collaborative effort to accelerate discoveries for therapeutic intervention for children diagnosed with a brain tumor. Over thirty different types of pediatric brain tumors representing over 1000 subjects were included in its first dataset release in 2018. Data types include match tumor/normal, whole genome data (WGS), RNAseq, proteomics, longitudinal clinical data, Imaging data including MRIs and radiology reports, histology slide images and pathology reports. The CBTTC promotes real time data release with NO EMBARGO period.

The Kid's First Data Resource Portal was the first pediatric brain tumor consortium genome dataset donation and offers access to data from approximately 8,000 DNA and RNA samples from children affected with cancer or structural birth defects and their families … the dataset is expected treach 30,000 over the next few years. Due to the imperative of sharing data across institutions and between disease research environments,the portal also provides resources for the patient, medical and research communities to learn and interact and it is also interoperable with NIH GDC allowing NIH TARGET data integration.

In 2019, CBTTC became the first pediatric brain tumor consortium to support real-time clinical trial data integration for each and every patient, advancing translational applications and offering immediate import for children in treatment.

Don't recreate what already exists, invest in this shovel ready successful consortium.


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