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Build a childhood cancer imaging repository in the Cancer Imaging Archive (TCIA) to contain standard of care imaging data

The Cancer Imaging Archive (TCIA) is an NCI-supported data repository for hosting de-identified publicly accessible cancer imaging data and clinical information from studies and trials. Over the past 10 years TCIA has become a valuable public resource to the broader imaging research community. Although TCIA currently holds over 100 collections derived from major research initiative, it has limited existing childhood cancer datasets. The idea proposed here is to build a childhood cancer imaging repository within TCIA to contain imaging and related clinical data from the standard of care imaging (radiology and pathology) studies. The children's cancer imaging repository can eventually be part of the Cancer Research Data Commons. Data collection and characterization will be driven by the need to generate sufficiently large data sets combined from multiple sources in order to test potentially clinically relevant hypotheses that leverage imaging features to augment clinical findings.


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