Cancer Immunology & Prevention

Can some cancers be contageous between humans?

I have heard that dogs can get cancer from being infected with cancercells from their partner while mating. I have heard of families where two individuals die of cancer or of the same type of cancer shortly after eachother. Is this a coincidence?

How will your solution make a difference

If some cancer in humans is contagious that would change routines in Healthcare and within families. Perhapas better advice could prevent other familymembers and Healthcare staff from getting cancer.

What is your proposed solution

Examine if human cancercells can cause cancer in human tissue/cells from another person. Can onk-genes or other types of genes that regulates the cellcycle and division of a cell be transferred by microbes or by close contact between humans? Are there any human cancercells that are contagious? Use Big-data to see what familymemebers die from. Perform gene-sequencing to look for similar causes of cancer within the same family.


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