Tumor Evolution & Progression

Cure Cancers by Inhibiting Cell Death Reversal Through Anastasis

Cancer cells can reverse cell death process & harbor damaged DNA by undergoing anastasis(Greek:rising to life). We propose to cure cancer by targeting anastasis to prevent survival of the damaged cells responsible for cancer recurrence & progression.

What is the research problem

Although current cancer therapies can effectively kill primary tumor cells, relapse often occurs, in which the cancer cells acquire new mutations to resist the therapy. Thus, tumors evolve to become aggressive, leading to cancer treatment failure.

How will your solution make a difference

Apoptotic cell death is generally assumed to be irreversible. Overturning this dogma, we found that cancer cells can reverse the cell death process at the execution stage, and propose to cure cancers by targeting this unexpected recovery process.

What is your proposed solution

Dying cancer cells can recover from the brink of death. Some of these recovered cells can acquire new DNA mutations that resemble those found in aggressive, drug-resistant tumors. This reveals an unexpected tactic cancer cells could use to escape cancer therapy, and to develop drug resistance. We propose to suppress this post-therapy escape pathway of anastasis in cancer cells, thereby cure cancers by inhibiting tumor recurrence & progression.


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