Expanding Clinical Trials

Expand access to clinical trials for rare cancers

Train doctors at community-based hospitals to act as local "hands-on" clinical trial check-in locations so trials for rare and oncogene-driven cancers will increase accrual (and more patients will have access)

What is the research problem

Clinical trials for rare and oncogene-driven cancers are often underpowered. Limited trial locations create barriers to patients (travel, time away from family and work, travel costs)

How will your solution make a difference

More patients will be able to enroll and have access to targeted and immunotherapies, trials will be adequately powered, researchers will have access to more diverse patient tissues, more researchers can access data.

What is your proposed solution

Have more community-based (CB) hospitals partner with academic medical centers (ala Lung MAP model) to act as clinical trial check-in sites. Telehealth allows real-time connection with primary investigators when needed. Train docs at CB sites to perform required hands-on exams of patients and properly collect necessary tissues and data. Forward tissues to central NCI biobanks. Open source genomic analysis of tissues.


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