Expanding Clinical Trials

Help patients identify appropriate clinical trials

Create "clinical trial finder" regional centers staffed with healthcare personnel trained to help patients assess best clinical trial option anywhere in US--not only identify trials, but choose best trial option and together with patient

What is the research problem

Patients need help finding clinical trial that gives them best chance of effective treatment. Currently they can search trials to match geographic and inclusion requirements, but have no way to assess medical suitability of each trial.

How will your solution make a difference

More patients will be willing to participate in clinical trials because they will have help finding a trial that meets their needs and offers a valid treatment option they feel comfortable with.

What is your proposed solution

Make preclinical data available to pts and healthcare providers. Create regional centers staffed by patient navigators (PNs) and docs trained in clinical trial assessment: how to evaluate trial reqts nationwide, use IT tools to match EHR data to reqts, assess which trial has best chance of helping (e.g., this drug treats brain mets, that one is more potent for EGFR, etc.), find patient supports for travel, & collaborate with patients.


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