Expanding Clinical Trials

Improve participation in clinical trial

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Low and/or slow accrual to clinical trials is a critical barrier to making advances in cancer treatment. Improving access to trials and medical oncologists referrals to centers offering clinical trials would greatly speed up our progess.

What is the research problem

There is a critical need for greater enrollment in clinical trials. The major barriers are 1) not all doctors inform/refer patients to trials and 2) Medicare rules can limit patient's access to out-of-state trials.

How will your solution make a difference

By increasing enrollment in trials, we will develop new and better therapies much more rapidly than our current process. Expanding Medicare patient access to trials will greatly aid in this process.

What is your proposed solution

Require clinicians to discuss clinical trial options with all patients. Make mandatory and track outcomes/compliance (with EMRs, as with safety training in hospitals). Make these data public to encourage competition across institutions for 100% compliance. For access, allow Medicare patients to access clinical trials across state lines rather than restricting access to in-state options.


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