Tumor Evolution & Progression

Increase research into what causes cancer to become metastatic

Increase funding and research focus into what causes cancer to become metastatic. Create NCI working group and SPOREs for metastatic cancer and research metastases across solid tumor types.

What is the research problem

Metastatic cancer is what causes most cancer deaths, yet relatively little research focuses on what makes cancer become metastatic. This issue affects all solid tumor types.

How will your solution make a difference

Identifying and understanding what makes a cancer become metastatic can lead to treatments that prevent early stage cancers from progressing, cancer prevention methods, and hopefully cures for metastatic cancers.

What is your proposed solution

Create an NCI working group for metastatic cancer. Create SPOREs for metastatic cancer research. Place more research funding and emphasis on what makes a cell able to leave its original microenvironment, invade neighboring tissue, travel through blood and lymph, and grow in a different environment.


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