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Inject HAMLET directly into metastasis and use it profylactic

HAMLET detects and binds to tumorcells. Inject HAMLET directly into metastasis in for example skeletton, muscle, liver, brain to prolong survival for cancerpatients and hopefully in some cases cure the patients.

What is the research problem

I have heard that HAMLET gets at least partly inactivated by albumin in blood. An antibody that binds to the site so that HAMLET canĀ“t bind to albumin would be good if that is possible. HAMLET could perhaps be bound to contrastagent to detect cancer.

How will your solution make a difference

Cancerpatients with metastasis and no hope of being cured by present techniques can hopefully get HAMLET treatment, live longer and perhaps be cured without suffering from adverse effects. Peopel with high risk of getting cancer can prevent it.

What is your proposed solution

Inject HAMLET in metastasis. (Repeat if necessary or cool the area down if blood/albumin is present). HAMLET could be administered by percutan intervention. Inhale HAMLET to treat lungcancer. Operationarea or cancer could be covered by HAMLET to reduce risk of cancer cells being left in the area. Profylactic inhalation, lavage,drink it, topical use on skin (albinos), cervix(SIN1) or in body cavities to prevent cancer if hereditary risk.


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