Expanding Clinical Trials

Innovative Clinical Trials for Early Stage Cancers

Develop infrastructure to support clinical trials for early stage cancers that a) help evaluate novel treatments based on genomically driven targets and b) develop methods to rapidly screen novel compounds against the patient’s tumor genetic profile.

What is the research problem

Clinical trials are mainly focused on patients with advanced cancers who have failed standard therapy. Though tumor mutations are detected in patients with all stages of cancers, few opportunities exist to improve treatment for early stage cancers.

How will your solution make a difference

Focusing efforts on effective treatment of early stage cancer can dramatically reduce the morbidity associated with current treatment modalities and help reduce the incidence of treatment related secondary cancers.

What is your proposed solution

To create an infrastructure that specifically enables rapid enrollment of early stage patients into clinical trials that matches an individual’s tumor genetic profile to novel therapies. In addition, the proposed infrastructure would develop and standardize methods to rapidly screen novel compounds for efficacy against specific genetic mutations and the patient’s tumor genetic profile.


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