Implementation Sciences

Investigate General Natural Killer Leukocyte Sensitivity

The immune system *almost* destroys cancers. Bone marrow transplants to force systemic host/graft have proven effective, but with obvious downsides. If we understood how NKLs decide to kill a little better, we could do a subtler version of this.

How will your solution make a difference

It's like the existing host/graft therapy, only we control the dosage and the side effects stop when we're done.

Bonus: run the system in reverse to treat some autoimmune disorders.

What is your proposed solution

Find all proteins associated with the relevant methylation by brute force.

Eventually find or create/transfect receptors on NKLs that respond to some unusual ligand and methylate or demethylate. Then we can use those ligands as drugs to control the sensitivity of the immune system.


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