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Itraconazole and pemetrexed for treatment of NSCLC

A trial to test the combined of the two drugs itraconazole (a generic drug to treat fungal infections) and pemetrexed to treat NSCLC in the second line setting.

What is the research problem

A small, randomized, trial was conducted in 2013 at Johns Hopkins using the combination of itraconazole and pemetrexed. The overall survival benefit was dramatic: 32 months vs 8 months. Despite this, there has been no meaningful follow-up research.

How will your solution make a difference

If the results from the 2013 study are confirmed, overall survival in the second line setting for NSCLC patients can be quadroupled - from 8 months to 32 months.

What is your proposed solution

The reason there has been no follow-up research is that itraconazole is a generic drug and it is simply not profitable for private industry to test such an inexpensive drug in expensive trials.


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