Expanding Clinical Trials

Make enrolling in clinical trials patient-centric

Flip the clinical trial enterprise from trial-centric to patient-centric by bring the trial to the patient. Currently we are trial focused for accrual. We need to focus on patients to find the right trial for them and enable access to that trial.

What is the research problem

Patients have a hard time finding a trial that they qualify for and do not have access to all trials. All patients need to have access to all trials.

How will your solution make a difference

All patients would have access to clinical trials regardless of where they live. This would lead to equitable opportunities for new therapies among all patients.
Trials would accrue faster.
New treatments would move forward faster.

What is your proposed solution

Develop systems that identify the best trial for the patient based on eligibility and patient preference.
Bring the trial to the patient. Have easy open/easy enrollment trials that can be opened when the patient needs it and where the patient is.
Have pre-qualified sites, including community sites, that can open any government funded trial at anytime – using central irb and on-line forms, etc. that is low on cost/resources.


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