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Mitochondrial Activation w/Bio-Luminescent Blood - NIR/FIR/Light

Noted previously: DCA & quercetin fight cancer by reactivating mitochondria, causing apoptosis, effects also caused by PQQ & FIR/light. NIMH study shows NIR has similar effect. Bio-luminescent blood w/optogenetic off switch could transmit everywhere.

What is the research problem

A means to easily activate mitochondria to induce apoptosis, to be combined w/other non-toxic methods & other treatments. Applications to treating Alzheimer's, Parkinson's & infectious diseases such as AIDS. Adds NIR to FIR/light methods of induction

How will your solution make a difference

Non-toxic means to wipe out cancer at will w/minimal side effects; possible means of immunization - also potentially curing Alzheimer's/Parkinson's & infectious diseases such as AIDS, particularly w/ultrasound. Most treatments would be very low cost.

What is your proposed solution

Near-infrared light also reactivates mitochondria, which has applications to Alzheimer's/Parkinson's per NIMH study. Combined w/other methods of reactivation - DCA, quercetin, PQQ, FIR/light & other non-toxic treatments which augment each other. Bio-luminescent blood could carry NIR/FIR/light throughout body w/optogenetic on/off switch. Combining discussed methods could eradicate multiple diseases, or at least halt their progress.


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