Cancer Immunology & Prevention

Moon trial: 384 400 patients treated with personalized vaccines

It is 384 400 km to the moon. This trial aims to treat one patient with a personalized cancer vaccine for each kilometer to the moon - by the end of the decade.

How will your solution make a difference

Many researchers believe personalized cancer vaccines targeting neoantigens may represent a universal cure for many types of cancer. If they are right, this trial will make a major contribution towards discovering these cures.

What is your proposed solution

A very large trial where (384 400 patients) with multiple arms that will test a wide range of vaccine designs and delivery methods in a range of cancers. A common base would be whole exome sequencing of tumor and normal tissue to identify tumor specific mutations as well as RNA sequencing. Based on this, various delivery mechnisms (peptides, mRNA, DNA, etc) will be tested, as well as various adjuvants, injection methods/sites, dosing, etc.


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