Tumor Evolution & Progression

More research needed into less common breast cancer

Cancer arising from lobules of the breast vs ducts accounts for 10% of all breast cx. Invasive lobular carcinoma is extremely hard to detect via palpating/imaging. Dense breast tissue makes it even harder to find. Yet little research is being done.

What is the research problem

Not enough attention is being paid to cancer that arises in the breast lobules versus the ducts. This cancer behaves very differently and can be more deadly because it is difficult to detect.

How will your solution make a difference

Research into lobular carcinoma will help better detect and target treatment for these tumors, which effect at least 10% of all breast cancer patients.

What is your proposed solution

Develop new ways of detecting lobular carcinoma beyond traditional imaging and monthly self exams, which are far less effective for detecting this kind of cancer in early stages. Characteristics of this kind of tumor should be evaluated independently of ductal carcinoma.


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