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PG-SGA: Simple, Evidence-Based, Global Impact-Outcomes, Quality

Pres. JFK took something (the moon) integral to everyday life (as is nutrition) and gave voice to a simple idea (a moon landing by decade end) that seemed impossible but gave us a vision that changed the world. PG-SGA+Technology = Cancer Success

What is the research problem

Malnutrition is dreaded by patient, carer, and clinician and impacts both oncologic outcomes and patient quality of life. The question remains: do patients die of their cancer, the complications of their treatment, or associated malnutrition?

How will your solution make a difference

Integration of proactive PG-SGA (multilingual) with technology will help answer the critical questions above, improve quality of care, patient experience across the cancer continuum and oncologic outcomes and global interdisciplinary collaboration.

What is your proposed solution

To integrate the gold standard of nutritional assessment, the validated Patient-Generated Subjective Global Assessment (PG-SGA), or its app, in oncology clinical trials, electronic medical records, and Big Data interfaces such as CancerLinQ -- to understand the impact of addressing (or failing to address) simple variables of weight loss, intake, symptoms/impediments and ECOG performance status on patient and oncologic outcomes.


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