Tumor Evolution & Progression

PTEN target + FDA approved mTOR Inhibitors + Tumor Evolution

A clinical trial using *currently FDA approved drugs* (Everolimus and Temsirolimus) targeting PTEN mutation to control the evolution of metastatic ER+ breast cancer is Urgently needed. See attached article for the basis for this trail.

What is the research problem
  1. A recently published scientific article (attached) mentions "Tumours are subject to the same rules of natural selection as any other living thing."

  2. There is no clinical trial to test this for ER+ metastatic breast cancer with PTEN mutation.

How will your solution make a difference

For patients who have not already failed treatment with Everolimus/Temsirolimus, this trial (if made available nationwide from the get-go) may immediately give hope to many met. ER+ breast cancer patients to control their cancer longer.

What is your proposed solution
  1. Create a trial for metastatic ER+ breast cancer patients with PTEN mutations.

  2. Use currently FDA approved drugs that target PTEN- i.e. Everolimus (EVR) and Temsirolimus (TEM).

  3. Treatment should be administered as described on page 3 of the attached article, in the 3rd-to-last paragraph ("Solomon and his colleagues plan...")

  4. Because EVR and TEM are available nationwide, make this trial also available nationwide from the get-go.


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