Cancer Immunology & Prevention

Prevention Efforts: Reducing Exposure to Cell Phones and Wi-Fi

The National Toxicology Program finding that rats exposed to radio-frequency (RF) radiation developed increased brain and heart cancer adds to the weight of evidence showing that RF (from cell phones/wi-fi) is carcinogenic.

How will your solution make a difference

Acting Now Will Protect Children's Future. Children will have a lifetime of exposure to wireless radiation. Simple steps can dramatically reduce their exposures. Preventative action will protect their health, wellbeing and future.

What is your proposed solution

The USA can develop prudent cautionary policy to reduce cell phone/Wi-Fi exposures to the public with special attention to children, pregnant women and the medically vulnerable.

The As Low As Reasonably Achievable - ALARA- principle can be applied to cell phones, wireless and other EMF radiation. ALARA is a well known radiation safety principle for minimizing radiation doses and is a regulatory requirement for radiation safety programs.


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