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Prevention: Healthy School Environments With Safe Technology

Currently schools are investing in Wi-Fi networks and encouraging cell phone use by children in classrooms. Teachers are also using virtual reality systems in classrooms whereby a Smartphone is placed in cardboard and positioned at children's eyes.

What is the research problem

Virtual reality exposes the eyes and brain to close range microwave radiation. Phones were never tested in such positions. Research shows the eyes are most vulnerable to this radiation. Effects could include increased cancer as well as blindness.

How will your solution make a difference

Schools need state of the art 21st century technology but we need it to be safe for children. A transmitting smartphone to the eyes of children in classrooms with virtual reality is not healthy.
Children need safe/healthy technology tools.

What is your proposed solution

Before schools roll out such technology, research should be done to understand the effects of this radiation on a child's developing eye and brain.

Furthermore, there is no research that considers the current electromagnetic radiation environment in schools. Between the virtual reality systems and the cell phones/Wi-Fi, the exposures are unprecedented. Exposure should be reduced until studies are done to characterize the risk and environment.


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