Tumor Evolution & Progression

Require pathology second opinion on rare cancers

Data and outcomes can be clouded by the fact that no one questions a diagnosis. Pathologists and oncologists can make mistakes. We need to prevent cancers from being treated inappropriately because no one thought reevaluate a diagnosis.

What is the research problem

Confirmation bias can prevent a misdiagnosis from being caught. In a rare or hard-to-treat cancer, little response/poor outcomes are expected & won't be questioned. There is no way to know if some poor results are actually inappropriate diagnosis.

How will your solution make a difference

However infrequent, a misdiagnosis provides incorrect data for research at best and costs someone their life at worst. This will help improve data and outcomes by minimizing improper diagnosis and, therefore, treatment of certain cancers.

What is your proposed solution

If a pathologist diagnosis a rare cancer, require a second opinion from an pathologist who is an expert in that cancer. Do not allow frozen slices for evaluation.


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