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The Science of Cancer Science Policy

The NCI should fund research on how public policy can accelerate innovation. Currently it funds individual scientific research projects, and research on policy for cancer care delivery, but not big picture analysis of the cancer research enterprise.

What is the research problem

The Moonshot will address perceived flaws in the cancer research enterprise. But the effects of these problems and of possible solutions on medical innovation are unknown because the NIH does not fund scientific research on cancer science policy.

How will your solution make a difference

This funded research will answer important questions like: Do precision cancer medicines tested using new clinical trial designs win approval more quickly? Do precompetitive public-private collaborations and data sharing accelerate innovation?

What is your proposed solution

The NIH already has an Office of Science Policy with a small staff that pursues strategic initiatives on science policy, some of which may relate to cancer. Its grant funding on policy research generally relates to cancer care delivery, not cancer research. To accelerate our understanding of bottlenecks in cancer research, the NCI should create a cancer grant funding stream analogous to NSF's Science of Science and Innovation Policy program.


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