Expanding Clinical Trials

Understanding Decisions to Participate – or Not -- in RCTs

Research is needed to understand how potential participants perceive risks and benefits of participation in RCTs in order to increase recruitment, especially among older participants and those in underserved communities.

What is the research problem

Only 3% of cancer patients participate in clinical trials, for a variety of reasons that aren’t well understood. Better information about how potential participants perceive risk and benefit could influence recruitment and retention.

How will your solution make a difference

Decision-making is a key avenue through which behavioral processes may influence perceptions of risk and benefits of various cancer treatments. Findings from this research may influence population of a new generation of cancer trials.

What is your proposed solution

Multidisciplinary research on decision-making offers a fresh avenue for elucidating risk- benefit perception to improve clinical trial participation. Application of this type of research to this problem can help determine what factors influence participation, and what decision supports are most helpful in various groups.


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