Tumor Evolution & Progression

Combining 2-DG and Fenofibrate Kills a Wide Variety of Cancers

Using a combination of 2-DG (2-Deoxy-D-glucose) and fenofibrate effectively exploits 2 universal cancer traits - increased glucose uptake and increased stress - to effectively target the entire tumor, paving the way for a universal cancer treatment.

What is the research problem :

Chemotherapy attacks only the fast growing outer cells of a tumor, not the slow growing inner cells (which are the most metastatic), as well as killing healthy cells. Further, targeted therapies are unable to simultaneously attack the entire tumor.

How will your solution make a difference :

This unique combination of 2-DG and fenofibrate delivers a non-toxic treatment that has so far been shown to be effective in a wide variety of human cancers. Our hope is to bring this non-toxic treatment to millions of cancer patients worldwide.

What is your proposed solution :

2-DG (2-Deoxy-D-glucose), a simple sugar, has been shown to inhibit glycolysis, which the most malignant cancer cells found in the inner core of all solid cancers rely on to survive. Using a combination of 2-DG and fenofibrate (a compound that has been safely used in humans for over 40 years to lower cholesterol and triglycerides), we have proven that the entire tumor can effectively be targeted without the use of toxic chemotherapy.


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