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Radiogel Y-90 Device can help companion animal cancer patients

We need help to accelerate the use of Radiogel Y-90 Device. It is a uniquely safe isotope delivery device that can help companion animal cancer patients while they serve as a model that can be translated rapidly to help human cancer patients.

What is the research problem :

Inoperable malignant tumors are difficult to manage and their fatal agenda kills people and companion animals every day.

We need help with 5 items in the attachment below to accelerate the use of Radiogel Y-90 Device.

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How will your solution make a difference :

Radiogel reduces tumors without surgery. There are no adverse events for patients to endure while tumors undergo shrinkage and a second treatment can be given if needed. Radiogel will spare cancer patients with inoperable tumors. See attachment

What is your proposed solution :

Radiogel is a novel combination of Yttrium-90 (Y-90) isotope and a polymer, which can be injected into tumors using a fine needle. The cancer patient's body temperature initiates a phase transfer that entraps the isotope within the tumor. Y-90 is a beta emitter with a short half life of 2.7 days. Radiogel Y-90 device provides a new, practical and significantly less expensive, more effective resorbable localized therapy.

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