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Identifying Nursing-Usable Screening Tools for CIPN

Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy is a toxicity associated with cancer treatment. Early detection methods for CIPN are needed. In addition, nurses who perform the majority of CIPN screening are often not involved in the R&D process.

What is the research problem :

Technologies that can detect early signs of CIPN (including the most debilitating CIPN) are urgently needed. To be cost-effective and have high-uptake, this research needs to include the nurses that will perform the majority of these tests.

How will your solution make a difference :

In the absence of treatments for CIPN, early detection is critical to minimizing long-term morbidity in survivors. Harnessing nurses' expertise will be vital to identifying viable early detection that are likely to be used in routine practice.

What is your proposed solution :

Convene an expert panel of researchers, nurses, physicians, pharmacists, neurologists and engineers to (1) identify promising early detection methods for CIPN; (2) get input from nurses on the characteristics that would be needed to make these potential screening tools useful in practice, (3) disseminate these findings, (4) use these findings to fast-track development/testing of these tools.


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