Enhanced Data Sharing

Cancer Research Ideas - Enhanced Data Sharing (Archived)

Sharing data among investigators and institutions is essential for building on the cancer research progress made so far, but many barriers to effective sharing exist. Barriers can arise from technological or infrastructural limitations (data are stored on different systems or are generated by different methods, making them incompatible). Poor access or participation can also be a barrier (some data may not be shared, and some researchers may not be able to access or analyze even data that are publicly available).

The submission period for Enhanced Data Sharing ideas ended on July 1. However, we encourage you to sign up for regular e-mail updates about the National Cancer Moonshot Initiative at the Cancer Moonshot Milestones web page.


Enhanced Data Sharing

Remove all Barriers No Matter the Cost!

There should be NO BARRIER to finding cures for cancers. So many lives await swift remedies and cures. Agencies across the nation should share in a spirit of cooperation and urgency in their research and remove all impediments at once.


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