How To Participate

The National Cancer Institute needs your input. We invite you to contribute your ideas on the 5 topic areas related to the Childhood Cancer Data Initiative.

You can submit ideas or add comments to ideas submitted by others. You can read ideas without registering on the site.

Please note that comments and ideas submitted on this platform should not be seen as an endorsement by the National Cancer Institute

You will need to register to submit ideas and add comments to ideas submitted by others. Open June 24 – August 23, 2019.

Search for ideas

Search for other ideas that may be similar to yours by using the search box. You can also view ideas sorted by topic from the right navigation area. Ideas are sorted by when the idea was submitted.

Submit your own ideas

You will need to register with IdeaScale or login with an existing IdeaScale, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, or Yahoo account to submit ideas or add comments.

When you register for an Ideascale account, you will be asked to enter an email address during registration that will be used for confirmation. Follow the link in the confirmation email to create your personal password and your profile settings.

Click the Submit Your Idea button at the top of the navigation sidebar. You will then be asked to add a title, a summary, and choose a research area for the new idea. You can describe your proposed idea and how you feel your idea will make a difference. Attach a more detailed document if you want to expand on your idea.

Comment on ideas

See an idea you want to support or give feedback to? Add a comment by clicking on Add Your Comment or click in the box below the idea.

Get updates on comments and new ideas

The system can automatically send you email notifications when someone comments on your idea. You can modify these notifications to get as many or as few messages as you choose.